F-Stop Café

We are looking for your thoughts on how to run the F-Stop Café during the 2019-20 year. In order to do that we, the board, need your help. As I see it, we have four options (you can comment and vote at the bottom of this page):

Option 1: Keep the F-Stop Café “as is”
This option requires one or more people to run the café and to (1) ask the membership for donations of food each week, and (2) purchase additional food and drink as needed on a weekly basis with money from the contribution jar. These volunteers will also be responsible for setting up the café at the start of each meeting and cleaning up at the end of each meeting. We currently have no volunteers for this option.

Option 2: Have F-Stop Café Managers
One or two Café Managers will be responsible for passing around a sign-up sheet at the beginning of the year to recruit volunteers to support the F-Stop Café weekly and then reminding the volunteers that they have signed up to run the café the following week. Those who sign up as volunteers will run the café as follows:

  1. Bring in snacks (home-baked goods, cookies, cheese, crackers, fruit, etc.).

  2. Set up and clean up the snack area (food, paper goods and drinks). Serving, as is currently done, would not be necessary.

  3. The cost of the snacks would be shared between the volunteers.

  4. Bottled water and paper goods would be supplied by the club.

  5. No money will be collected from members, however individuals not signed up on a particular night can still bring food or drink to the café.

If you aren’t able to make it for the week you signed up for, it would be your responsibility to find a replacement. If we get enough volunteers for this method people may have to do it just once a year.

Option 3: F-Stop Café for special occasions only
We don’t have the F-stop every week but only for certain occasions. This option will also need someone to run it as in Option #1.

Option 4: No F-Stop Café
We have no F-stop cafe at all.

What is your preference for how the café will be run this coming year?