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competition rules

Photo Credit: Suzanne Larson


These are the competition rules for Club Year 2018-19.

From October through April of each year the SSCC sponsors a monthly photo competition for its members. Our competitions are held at the facility where the South Shore Camera Club holds its meetings. On the competition night all of the qualifying images that were entered by the deadline are shown and commentary is given on the images at the discretion of the judge.

All members are encouraged to enter any two of the five categories each month, and compete for Image of the Year award presented at the annual SSCC banquet. The five categories are: Open Color, Black and White, Nature: Wildlife, Nature: Landscapes, and Assigned.

The competitions are fun, and the judges’ critiques are designed to help all photographers to improve their photographic techniques. 


Only members in good standing are eligible to enter. Members in good standing are those who have paid their dues in full prior to submitting photos for competition.

Competition Meeting Night

The Competition Meeting night is always the second Tuesday of each month, beginning in October and continuing through April.

Competition Photo Submission

Entries must be uploaded by midnight on the second Tuesday of the month PRECEDING the competition month. For example: For the November competition, photos must be uploaded to the website before midnight on the second Tuesday in October. Exceptions may be made if arranged in advance and agreed to by the Competition Chairpersons or Club Officers in the absence of a Competition Chair. 

rules affecting all categories

  1. All images and editing must be the work of the entrant only.

  2. Multiple shots taken of the same scene [i.e. images taken at the same time, from the same position, with the same equipment] may not be entered in more than one category during any one monthly competition.

  3. Images winning First, Second, Third place awards may not be re-entered in the same or any other category in subsequent competitions — EVER. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that winning entries are not resubmitted. All such entries will be disqualified.

  4. An image not winning a place award may be re-entered in subsequent competitions. This includes Honorable Mentions.

  5. A winning image that has been physically altered through digital or other manipulation such as using overlays, montages, etc., where the original content of the image has been changed, will be regarded as a new image and can be reentered in the Creative category.

  6. All entries must have titles unique to that entry, in order to facilitate record keeping. Different entries in the same category should not have the same name during any given competition year. Titles are especially important for entries in the Photojournalism Category, as the title is taken into consideration by the judge and can play an important role in the judging.

  7. Images that contain nudity, tasteless, violent or insensitive subject matter, or anything else that may be considered inappropriate can be summarily rejected from competition by the Competition Coordinator, Club President or Club Vice President without appeal. The Coordinator, President and Vice President are the sole judges of what may constitute inappropriate content, and their decision is final. In the event that the Coordinator, the President and Vice President cannot agree the matter shall be brought to the Board for a vote, either at a regularly scheduled Board meeting, or at an emergency meeting, if time requires it.

image manipulation & editing

Digital manipulation and editing allows enhancements and modifcations to improve an image while maintaining the photographic essence. It allows adjustments to exposure, contrast, sharpness, acceptable cropping, altering between horizontal and vertical, enhancement of overall color and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Composite photographs are acceptable as long as all elements included are the submitting photographer’s own work and the final result is still photographic in nature.

Commercial clip art, parts of commercial photographic collections, or the work of another photographer may not be included. Removal of elements is permissible.

The meeting held during the second week of May is reserved for the Images of the Year Competition. All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are eligible for entry in this competition. Images that have earned Honorable Mentions are not eligible for entry into this competition. Images of the Year awards will be chosen for each category, as well as Best Overall Image of the Year.

Special awards will be given to the winners of this event. This special competition is conducted with live judging. Commentary on individual images is made at the discretion of the judge(s).

Awards are given by the judges solely on their judgment upon viewing the images, and DO NOT affect the cumulative points awarded for the Annual Photographer of the Year described in the Judging and Scoring explanations on the website.

images of the year