Hey there! On January 29, 2019 we are going to have a presentation on Photoshop by Bill Wenzel at our weekly meeting. We want to find out what you’d like to learn about. Below are possible topics that the speaker can teach. He’ll be able to cover one or two subjects that night. After reading the description of each one, please choose your 1st and 2nd topic choices from the selection dropdown menus below. Deadline for completing the form below is January 19.

  • Automation: batch processing, photo merge.

  • Color correction: removing casts, fixing mixed lighting, correcting skin tones.

  • Color Management: input and output profiles, gamut, rendering intents.

  • Color spaces: RGB vs CMYK vs LAB

  • File formats: What to use, what to avoid, what are the advantages of each.

  • Filters: sharpening, blurring, camera raw, lens correction etc.

  • Layers are your friend: why you should do everything in layers. Blending modes, groups, flattening, duplicating.

  • Photo editing/compositing: Adding and removing elements, skies, moons, clouds, signs, moles, wrinkles etc.

  • Selections and masking: How and why.

  • Sharpening: how much is enough, various methods of sharpening, sharpening secrets.

  • Smart objects: how to make them, how to use them.

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