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Fieldstone Horse Show Plymouth St in Halifax

A few years ago Paula and I walked around the “rehearsal morning” of the Fieldstone (horse) Show Park at 21 Plymouth St in Halifax, MA just to witness the horses being put through their paces for the Grand Prix event to next day. We’d never personally experienced a “horse show” before. It was very exciting watching the riders take their horses through the course(s). We took quite a few pictures of the horses completing jumps both on and off the courses. We could talk to the riders. (I can honestly say my highest ranking entry in one of our competitions came from this event, 2nd place). Do a Google search for Fieldstone Show Park in Halifax. Key in their Silver Oak Jumper Tournament taking place 8/14 through 8/18 to see their Photo Gallery. I’m sure you will agree this could present some great opportunities for terrific images.

Later Event: September 2
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