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Photo Credit: Ray Mahoney

Want to join the club?

Our club is vibrant, busy, and very active. If you are looking for a club that will involve you in photography–whether you want just a little, or whether you want full immersion–we are the club for you!

Membership fees are $50/year for individual membership, and $75/year for family membership. If you would like to join the camera club you can come to a meeting and pay by check (payable to South Shore Camera Club) or credit card. Please print this form, fill it out and bring it with you.

Here's what we do for our members:

Meeting-Night Speakers

One of the club’s goals is to help our members become better photographers. The speakers at our meetings enlighten us on various photography topics such as composition, exposure, photojournalism, night photography, sports photography, and much more. By attending the weekly meetings regularly (an average of three meetings/month) you will learn more about photography than you ever imagined!

Road Trips

Approximately once a month a road trip is scheduled for club members. The road trips are designed to get people out to shoot photos and to socialize with fellow club members. We have had road trips to sites in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania and beyond. We have photographed fall foliage, urban areas, mansions, lighthouses, beaches and much, much more. Sometimes the road trips require you to sign up, and sometimes you just have to show up. We try to keep road trip costs low or free, although occasionally there are higher costs required for travel or admission to a location. We carpool as much as we can to help keep costs down. If you want to find out about as many road trips as possible, send an email with a request to subscribe to the SSCC Google Group, come to our weekly meetings, and visit the SSCC calendar and the Cable Release Newsletter posted on the website. Only members in good standing (dues paid) can attend road trips. All road trips must be scheduled through the Road Trip Committee.

Popup Road Trips

Anyone can schedule a Popup road trip! If you have an idea of a place that you want to go, you can post the idea to the Google Group and organize it yourself. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. In fact most popup road trips are to local places like the salt marshes in Quincy, World’s End in Hingham, and Scituate Light. If you want to share your photo experience with other members, just post the date, time and place to the Google Group. Only members in good standing can attend pop-up road trips.


SSCC has a monthly newsletter, The Cable Release, with stories and articles by members, themed photo competitions, updates on upcoming programs as well as presenting the winners’ names of that month’s club competitions. All members are invited to contribute to the newsletter. Contact us for more information.

Facebook Group

For Facebook fans, SSCC has a private Facebook Group page that’s a lively forum for ideas and image conversation. Access to the Facebook group is restricted to SSCC members in good standing, and it is not available to the general public. If you want to be a member of this group, email us.

Google Group

SSCC operates a Google Group site to enhance member-to-member communication. Members can send messages to the Group address and they will automatically be delivered to the other members on that Group. These messages can include photos that you want to share, comments on others’ photos, questions, asking for advice, seeking help or opinions, setting up Pop-Up Road Trips, and sharing information and links of interest to other members.

Access to the Google groups is restricted to SSCC members in good standing. If you want to be a member of this group, email us.


We offer occasional workshops led by both members and professional photographers throughout the year. One of our bigger workshops was last year’s Workshop Saturday, held at Bay State School of Technology in Canton. About a dozen SSCC members presented 1- and 2-hour workshops on topics such as NIK Software filters, Mounting and Matting, Lighting, Photo Critiquing, Composition, and more. We plan to host a Workshop Saturday in early 2019, so watch for details. Participation in club workshops is restricted to SSCC members in good standing.

F-Stop Café

We offer refreshments at every meeting. We try to have a nice variety of munchies, both healthy and not, and both homemade and not, along with soft drinks. Please consider bringing a snack to share on meeting night so that there are enough snacks for everyone.

Stoughton Library Travel Series

For several years the South Shore Camera Club has teamed up with the Stoughton Public Library to present shows for the library’s monthly travel series. Although the travel series runs from September to June, our club supplies the library only with shows from January to June of each year.

Club members are asked to prepare a travel show lasting about 40 minutes plus time for questions. The library appreciates good photography, but they also want presentations which include verbal information about the history, culture, etc., of a place. Each year we accumulate a list of all shows our members can present, and then the library staff selects the six they want from our club. Any U.S. or foreign destination can be the subject of a travel show, though New England sites are generally too close to be of interest to the library.

Anyone with questions should contact us.